Cave Exploration

Discover hidden caves and small secluded coves in a cave exploration tour and feel the magic of this excursion!

Admire the play of colours and light in cave interiors, millions of years old. Mother nature enjoys being the artist of this creation. The erosive action of water, wind and the karst phenomenon have created stunning landscapes. Unique formations and colors in an already volcanically shaped area.

Explore ancient caves and discover secret places on a cave exploration tour from the comfort of a rib boat. Enjoy unique sea excursions around Paros, Antiparos and to all Cyclades islands. With multiple swimming stops to the best places in the area. You'll have access to snorkeling equipment, fun music and a variety of drinks the Aegean Sea Quest offers!

Entering inside the caves with the boat is the most amazing feeling of this tour. All shades of blue, green and red colors mixed with sun rays, will exceed all your expectations. Our skilled proffessional skippers will safely enter the boat inside caves. A fascinating moment of cave exploration is swimming and snorkeling in the interior of a cave. Admire the colors and shapes of the underwater rocks. This incretible experience definitely will be the one to remember.

*Please note that cave exploration depends islands  on weather conditions, captain might slightly change the route.

Aegean Sea Quest Purpose

In conclusion all of our excursions have been created to offer truly memorable experiences.

To Paros, Antiparos, Kimolos, Polyaigos, Milos, Koufonisia and to all Cyclades islands. Maximise what those beautiful destinations have to offer.

Of course our first priority is the safety as well as entertainment of our passengers. With this in mind we always choose the best routes based on the weather contitions and our local and experienced skippers ensure a pleasant, comfortable and safely trip.

Our aim is to offer you a luxury experience along with maximum comfort during your cruise. We go above and beyond to ensure the highest standards are met.

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