Private Spearfishing Tours in Paros – Antiparos

and to all Cyclades islands

Private spearfishing tours in Paros - Antiparos and to all Cyclades islands by RIB powerboat.

Aegean Sea Quest will guide you to magnificent and alive underwater destinations. Along with a private boat cruise close to Paros - Antiparos and further islands.

Live the spearfishing experience with skilled free divers. People with knowledge and experiance for the underwater environment.

Our love and passion for the sea and especially for the deep will lead you safely and secure. To the magestic underwater world with the right people and the right equipment.

Come with us to the magnificent activity of spearfishing to the best and full of life places.

The location and time will be arranged depending on the weather conditions, the season and the time.

Spearfishing equipment provited from Aegean Sea Quest with no extra charge. Needed informations: (height, weight, feet size), age, skills, experience and health status.

Aegean Sea Quest Purpose

In conclusion all of our excursions have been created to offer truly memorable experiences.

To Paros, Antiparos, Kimolos, Polyaigos, Milos, Koufonisia and to all Cyclades islands. Maximise what those beautiful destinations have to offer.

Of course our first priority is the safety as well as entertainment of our passengers. With this in mind we always choose the best routes based on the weather contitions and our local and experienced skippers ensure a pleasant, comfortable and safely trip.

Our aim is to offer you a luxury experience along with maximum comfort during your cruise. We go above and beyond to ensure the highest standards are met.

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