Introducing Aegean Sea Quest’s team

Aegean Sea Quest is based in beautiful Paros, a Greek island in the center of Cyclades, the heart of Aegean Sea.

Our purpose is to guide you to the most beautiful and amazing places. Around Paros – Antiparos and to all Cyclades islands. In order to ensure your fun and entertainment into the endless blue. We have created a variety of boats carefully choosed to satisfy your needs.

Caves, impressive rocks with a variety of colors and shapes emerge from majestic sea depths. Incredible colored stones, hidden beaches filled with white sand. Blue-green crystal clear waters under a blue sky and a warm bright sun.

Several years ago as a child growing up in Paros island, I began to explore the coastline of Paros and Antiparos. With a mask and a pair of fins for many hours every day I filled my eyes with unforgettable images. With the experience gained over the years, our love and passion for the sea environment became a way of life for us.

Today Aegean Sea Quest's team ensures that you will have an amazing time on board. Live with us your own adventure and discover impressive places. Gain experiences that will be unforgettable because after all we definitely create the best memories.

As a highly reviewed company in private boat excursions and sea transfers , our experience is unchallenged. In the world of yachting, you could have no better qualified and trustworthy services than Aegean Sea Quest.

Yachting with Integrity

Aegean Sea Quest charters has been providing quality cruises and experiences in Paros, Antiparos and surrounding islands for over 18 years. Our focus is to welcome visitors from all over the world and to help them to experience the very best of the Cyclades islands.
We offer a fully personalized service for those looking for a boat trip or other activities in Paros, Antiparos. Whether you want a special day out on the water with your family, or assistance organizing a surprise proposal or party- we are here to help.
We take the hassle out of planning your holiday, while offering value for money and an abiding commitment to quality and service..

Working with a highly experienced and reputable charter company like Aegean Sea Quest allows you to relax and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime, knowing that every detail is taken care of.

Always at your Service

One of the most important aspects of a safely and luxury boat tour is the crew. They will take care of you all the time so its important that you will find a yacht with the right crew to suit your preferences.

No matter where you choose to cruise, the crew will always be deciding factor in turning your holidays into the trip of a lifetime.

The owners

Petros Zoumis

Retired Sergent major Firefighter since 2022.
Born and raised in Paros. He started learning how to operate his grandfather's fishing boat (kaiki) from the age of 7. He bought his first speargun and started spearfishing in the age of 10.
After high school he joined the Navy special forces in 93' and got the specialty of rescue diver for 5 years. In 99' he entered to the Fire Academy in Thessaloniki and he was working as Firefighter for 22 years until 2022.
He is a certified scuba diver qualified for cave diving and depth under 60m. Certified free diver with 2 stars license. First aid assistant certificate diplomas from the Navy and the Fire department.
Boat operator in the Navy from the age of 18 and member of Nautilus RIB club from the year 2000. Married since 2003 with Iro Rigopoulou and they have 3 children. Together they created Aegean Sea Quest at 2014.
Other activities : running, climbing, enduro biking, body building (competitive), shooting, fishing.

Iro Rigopoulou

Born and raised in Piraeus and graduated from the University of Athens on science of construction materials and their structures. From the age of 5 she started skiing in the winter time and from the age of 18 she started scuba diving and spearfishing.
Her love and passion for the sea environment led her to Paros in the age of 24. One year later the same passion and love for diving and water activities got her close to Petros.
Since then they are inseparable. Married since 2003 and they have 3 children. In 2014 they created the Aegean Sea Quest
Other activities : Kick boxing (competitive), body building, mountain biking, water skiing, javelin and stand up jet skiing (competitive)

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