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Aegean Sea Quest

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Welcome to the blue of our islands.

Aegean Sea Quest based on Paros island, a beautiful, unique, full of mystery and adventure Aegean island. Our goal is your fun and entertainment in the endless blue and the uniqueness that each place has. Live with us magical moments and experiences that will be unforgettable through a journey in time and Cycladic color that can only be discovered by boat.

Day Trips & Rib Cruises

Private Cruises – Fishing & Activity Trips – Sunset Trips

Day Cruises & Rib Tours

Private Daily Rib Cruises on Paros – Antiparos and all around Cyclades islands with Aegean Sea Quest. Discover unique hidden beauties on a private day trip. White sand beaches and blue-green water, which you can reach only by boat. All you have to do is to simply kick back and relax in the Aegean crystal waters.

spear fishing

Fishing & Activity Trips

You are in the right place to do your favorite water Activities, on Paros – Antiparos islands and to all Cyclades Greece islands. Enjoy your favorite Water Sports and Activities with Aegean Sea Quest, along with a Private Daily Cruise.

sunset trip

Sunset Trips

Aegean Sea Quest offers you uniqe moments with your friends or with your family on a Private Sunset Cruise with a Rib Boat on Paros & Antiparos islands. Your favorite music & drink on board when the sun is going down on the water.

Boat Rentals

Aegean Sea Quest’s comfortable, seaworthy and in excellent condition Rib & Small Boats suitable to your needs will offer you unique and enjoyable moments. Explore the beautiful and unique Paros, Antiparos and all Aegean islands, discovering breathtaking images and secrets hidden in the blue and crystal clear waters.

Rib Boats

Aegean Sea Quest’s comfortable, seaworthy and luxury skippered Rib Motor Boats suited to your needs will offer you an amazing and unforgettable  journey in the dazzling blue waters of the Aegean Sea.

Small Boats

Aegean Sea Quest’s Small Boats ensures your safety and comfort so you can relax and explore the coast line Paros – Antiparos & Despotiko island.

Sea Transfers

Private Sea Transfers with Aegean Sea Quest comfortable, fast & safely all time and to all destinations with Rib Inflatable Speedboats. Mykonos, Santorini, Lavrio, Krete, Peloponnise and to all International Airports of the country, but also to all islands that the transportation does not serve. We undertake to transfer you from sea with absolute Security & Comfort to the destination of your choice.

Private Sea Transfer

Private Sea Transfers comfortable, fast, reliable and secure with Aegean Sea Quest, all times and to all destinations.

Water Activities

Boat Fishing – Spearfishing – Snorkeling – Cliff Jumping


Boat Fishing

Live with Aegean Sea Quest the unique experience of Fishing from the Boat around Paros & Antiparos Islands or further, with techniques for all kinds of  fish.



Spearfishing with Aegean Sea Quest in magnificent and full of life diving destinations close to Paros – Antiparos or further, with experienced people, who respect the underwater environment.



Aegean Sea Quest will take you to the most beautiful, peaceful and quiet beaches close to Paros & Antiparos or further to other islands with amazing crystal clear water plenty with small shells and colorful stones, unique for Snorkeling.

cliff jump

Cliff Jumping

Aegean Sea Quest will take you to the best spots around Paros – Antiparos or further to other islands for Cliff Jumping into beautiful and crystal clear water. Come with us to take you there.