Small Motorboat Charters in Paros – Antiparos

with or without license


Aegean Sea Quest provides motor boat charters in Paros and Antiparos with or without license.

We are based in Paros in the heart of Cyclades islands. Cyclades is a group of impressive islands close distance to each other. Our motorboats are in great condition in order to provide a leisurely voyage to our clients. Carefully choosed to offer safety and comfort to the passengers. Hire a license free motorboat with engine up to 30hp if you don’t have a license but you are over the age of 21. Be the captain of the boat and explore the unique coastline of Paros – Antiparos and Despotico island. Enjoy swimming, snorkeling and cliff jumping in the amazing crystal clear waters in Antiparos.

Live your own adventure with your family and your friends for one or more days. This definitely will be the highlight of your vacations.

Poseidon 4,50m GRP Small Motorboat

Poseidon 4,50m GRP Small Motorboat

Boat Name : Alia (ancient Greek Godnes of  fishing and all of the under water crechers)



Motorboat  (license free).


Rental : for one or more days.


Prodaction Year : 2010.


Powered : main Engine Honda bf30hp – 2nd engine : Honda bf2.3hp


Cruise Speed : 18 knots


Length : 4,5 m


Captain Skills : No license required.


Guests : 4


Rental Time : 09:00 – 18:30.


Boat Equipment : ice box, gps plotter, deep meter, sun tent, music, safety equipment.


Optional Passengers Equipment : mask and snorkels (snorkeling equipment).


Location of the boat: Next to the main port of Paros in Parikia.


Waranty Deposit Needed.


Price : Upon request.

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